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    Wrongful Death Attorney Redmond


    If you are dealing with the stress and emotional loss of a loved one as a result of wrongful death, any consideration of bringing legal action against the wrongdoer can be overwhelming.

    As a highly respected and reputable wrongful death attorney serving Redmond, I can help you deal with the complexities of the legal process in bringing legal action against the person, persons or entity responsible for the decedent’s loss of life for recovery of monetary damages resulting from negligence or harmful actions that may include, but are not limited to:

    • Motor vehicle accident resulting from gross or reckless negligence of another
    • The design or manufacture of a defective product, or a product defect
    • Medical malpractice
    • An intentional criminal act such as an assault
    • Workplace accidents such as falls or electrocutions
    • Exposure if hazardous conditions or substances at the jobsite

    We invite you to call our law office to schedule a free case review and to learn how we may help secure monetary compensation for your devastating loss.

    Wrongful Death Claim Redmond


    Our state laws specify the kinds of compensable losses available to surviving family members or heirs of the decedent against a person or entity believed to be responsible, and the deadline for filing a case in civil court.

    We can guide you through the complexities of filing a wrongful death claim in Redmond to help recover monetary damages available to you under the law.

    These are some of the factors that may be considered when determining the amount of recoverable damages by heirs, but not limited to:

    • Funeral and burial costs
    • Savings of the decedent
    • Lost income and wages of deceased
    • Loss of inheritance
    • Last medical expenses of deceased
    • Pre-death pain and suffering
    • Loss of companionship, care and nurturing
    • Costs of related property damages
    • Loss of consortium

    While no amount of recoverable damages can compensate you for the loss of your loved one, we can help bring financial security for your future, and the knowledge that the responsible person, persons or entity has been brought to justice.

    Call our law office today to schedule a free case consultation and review.

    Redmond Wrongful Death Lawyer


    In addition to the personal representative, the State of Washington allows real parties of interest to join the wrongful death action to seek damages.

    Those parties include:

    • The spouse of the decedent
    • Children or stepchildren of the deceased
    • Parents of the decedent if the decedent does not have a spouse or children
    • Siblings of the decedent if the decedent does not have a spouse or children

    As an experienced Redmond wrongful death lawyer, I can help meet the required burden of proof to hold the defendant liable in a legal action based on the result of negligence or intentional harmful act on the part of the defendant.

    I have advanced legal knowledge, the credentials and professional associations with experts to seek a judgment of liability and compensation due you.

    Call the Law Office of Terence F. Traverso for a free case review, and to learn more about how we investigate a claim, help protect the rights of our clients, pursue justice for survivors and loved ones, and our commitment to fight for maximum financial recovery due under the law. 425-453-0115

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    Terence Traverso has been practicing law in the Seattle area since 1991. Since that time his practice has been limited to serious personal injury, medical negligence, and wrongful death claims.

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