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10.0Terence F. Traverso

    Insurance Bad Faith/Coverage Denial | Practice Areas

    "Western Washington's Trusted Personal Injury Attorney"

    Insurance Lawyer

    insurance claim form3 150x150Since 1991 Terence Traverso has also been successfully resolving clients’ claims and lawsuits directly against their own insurance companies due the insurer’s wrongful denial of coverage and refusal to pay benefits.

    Insurers are required to act fairly and in good faith towards their customers.  Insurance “bad faith” laws prohibit insurers from wrongfully denying or paying claims or acting unreasonably in their claims handling.  Such laws have made it harder for insurers to deny coverage or payment without justification.  If an insurer violates these laws, it can be liable for up to three times the customer’s damages, plus court costs and its customer’s attorney fees.  These are powerful remedies that help level the playing field for consumers.

    Denied Insurance Claim

    insurance claim denial 150x150Unfortunately, insurers still violate these laws at times and improperly deny payment, and even though their customer has dutifully paid all required premiums.  The help of an experienced insurance coverage attorney like Terence Traverso is often required to force insurance companies to do what they agreed to do.

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    Terence Traverso has been practicing law in the Seattle area since 1991. Since that time his practice has been limited to serious personal injury, medical negligence, and wrongful death claims.

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